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Manufacturing Engineer

The Manufacturing Engineer designs, implements, monitors and maintains manufacturing processes. Their aim is to achieve the most efficient, safe, environmentally sound, cost effective and high quality production possible.

Employment is found in all industries, from clothing and footwear, to food and drink, automobiles, railway equipment, pressure vessel, plastics, aerospace, petroleum, and shipbuilding. Many organizations utilize 'cross-functional' teams with the manufacturing engineer involved at every stage of the manufacturing process, from design and development, to production, research, and after-sales service.

Pivotal to the manufacturing process, manufacturing engineers have expertise in a range of different manufacturing technologies and computer and management control systems. They apply such state-of-the art technology to meet increasingly competitive business needs, and maintain their knowledge of current technology.

The Manufacturing Engineer may be involved in:

  • Organizing, planning, documenting, commissioning and maintaining production lines
  • Improving existing operations, incorporating new methods and processes
  • Handling equipment purchase and installation
  • Investigating operational problems affecting production, and identifying ways to reduce production costs
  • Providing technical expertise and support
  • Providing manufacturing data
  • Working with engineering and other departments to produce cost estimates for new designs
  • Liaising with research and development departments
  • Liaising with suppliers and customers

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