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Working to engineering drawings and specifications, the machinist operates machine tools to perform the necessary machining operations to process raw material into completed components, such as shafts, brackets, gears, housings, punches, frames, etc. The machining operations may include, milling, shaping, planing, lathe turning, drilling, grinding, electrical discharge machining, and sawing, and may be manually or computer numerically controlled (CNC).

The machinist monitors quality of work performed and makes necessary adjustments or notifies the supervisor for corrective action. Materials may include carbon and alloy steels, tool steels, brass, bronze, aluminum and magnesium alloys, titanium, exotic metals, plastics and composite materials. The machinist is skilled at reading blueprints, application of proper cutting tools and selection of cutting tool materials, inspection and measurement equipment, tools and techniques.

The machinist observes good personal work habits and safety habits, and demonstrates initiative in planning work processes and works cooperatively with team members.

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